LUMXN issue 1.0

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LUMXN issue 1.0

Lumxn Zine is a DC based Black/ Afro-Latinx ran zine that promotes light and the healing journeys of womxn of color

Womxn of color experience life in a unique way. Coming into being, maintaining our being — simply being — requires a unique kind of light.

LUMXN (/ˈlo͞omən/) is a publication where that light is allowed to shine. We create space for those figuring it all out, whether they’re on step one of the journey or step 23. We invite poets, scholars, writers, and everyday people across generations to share stories from their journeys to understanding and embracing their light. We do this because we know that our individual journeys to healing are ongoing, eternal and powerful.

We believe that by validating all of our specific experiences collectively, we can heal and inspire each other to be unapologetically ourselves.
- @lumxnzine