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**E-mail us if you only want to donate, this donation is an add on for orders!**

did you know that ALL of the distro's sales goes directly to support artists and reprinting material. single handedly put in the labor of copying, folding, stapling, organizing 100s of copies at a time. it is vital to keep all of our products at an affordable and accessible price. any left over profit is donated (most recently to: SNAPS, SRLP, Planned Parenthood, Standing Rock, BLM). we pay out of pocket to make copies in order to sustain the streams of $ from the distro into different QTPOC efforts/orgs, as well as to travel to table events around the country

one of the long term goals of BRZD is to be able to hustle enough $ to be able to make physical donations, especially to support QTPOC youth and to support incarcerated folks. it would be a dream to be able to donate our entire catalog to various zine libraries. BRZD just a lil DIY small biz trying to subvert Capital.

ALL donations will be put toward these goals, or to sponsor Brown Recluse Zine Distro at tabling events (thus supporting the representation of marginalized voices). All donations will also receive a lil bit of love and goodies back from us as a ~thank you~