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ABOLISH TIME is the writing of Estelle Ellison, a black and nonbinary trans writer based out of Oakland.
BROWN RECLUSE is a proud Patreon of ABOLISH TIME

ABOLISH TIME # 1 : includes "Why Men Must Perform Care Work," "Erasing Patriarchy from the Future," + "Ending Burnout Culture"

ABOLISH TIME # 2 : includes "Shaping Collective Care into an Anti-Capitalist Practice," "The Anarchism of Political Aftercare," +
Building Collective Care from Scratch"

ABOLISH TIME # 3 : includes "Mapping Time to Change the Future," "4 Steps Towards Ending Anti-Blackness ," + "Instead of Leaders"

ABOLISH TIME # 4 : includes "The Coercion of Currency," "Transparency and Sustainable Resistance," + "Collective Autonomy Worksheet"

ABOLISH TIME # 5 : includes "Against Administrative Apathy," "Avoiding Repair Work," + "Gender, Time, & Other Methods of Policing the Body"

ABOLISH TIME # 6 : includes "Resilience in the Face of Fascism," "When Hurt Feelings Become an Excuse," + "Surviving Your Breakup with a Leftist Organization"

ABOLISH TIME # 7 : includes"Escaping the Anti-Black Gaze," "The Specter of Time," + "Subverting Hierarchy with Our Collective Agency"

ABOLISH TIME # 8 : includes

**MISPRINTS ~~ oops! we printed some MISPRINT copies of zines! we don't like to waste paper - these are copies of Abolish Time Issue 1 + Abolish Issue 2, in which on TWO PAGES, ONE sentence is cut off -- MISPRINTS are REDUCED PRICE...You Can Read the "MISSING" part via @Abolish_Time on IG****